It’s been a long time since I captured Amy’s style.  One of the reasons she originally caught my eye for the real-style project is that she has an easy elegance.  Her style is classical, refined and mature but still relaxed.  And this week’s look is the perfect example of that…

“I think a kind of relaxed but timeless style is how I would describe it.  My style is based around the classics, but I love little details.  In fact you could say it’s all in the details! I love classic pieces that have an unique element. Whether it’s embroidery, texture or a small but important design touch.  Those little things can make a big difference. For example, I might be drawn to an interesting sleeve, neckline, or texture…like this dress.  It is from Beacon Hill, here in Nelson, but it’s Italian linen.  My bag is by New Zealand Designer Yu Mei and I bought it at Palm.  My shoes are from Overland.  Yes, the necklace is by Benjamin Black, and it’s a piece of local argillite set in gold”.

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