Morrison Styles

Angela Leonard, Centre Manager

I feel quite chuffed to have been able to work with Morrison Square for a version of the real-style project.  It’s been another opportunity to see and celebrate the diversity of style in Nelson.  It has also been great to find a genuine passion for style in fashion retail.  Needless to say, I am most grateful to Angela Leonard, centre manager, and her own passion for fashion, who made it all happen…

“You caught me off guard a little, but I’m glad you like what I am wearing.  It’s a bit of a cheapy actually, the dress. I bought it from an outlet store, up in Auckland.  I don’t normally go for cheap things.  These days I invest more, and buy quality.  No, I agree it doesn’t look inexpensive, and if it lasts a couple of seasons and I wear it a lot, it will be worthwhile.  Animal print is still really strong, and it’s in many of the Morrison Square  stores this season.  My jacket is from Portmans, and my shoes are Dotti.  I like modern classics, and the blazer over this dress is such a great combination.  It’s easy and it’s work appropriate”.

Angela wears a blazer from Portmans, and shoes from Dotti.  Both stores are open every day this Christmas period at Morrison Square.

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