My Style

There’s nothing new in the idea that clothes affect how you feel.  However, since having my own style photographed regularly, I’ve become more aware of how this manifests itself physically.  I’ve noticed that the clothes I wear strongly influence how I move in front of the camera.  Some clothes induce playfulness and cheek, others a masculine swagger.  With this look, it was noticeable how much more formal I was whilst being photographed by virtue of my orange blazer.  A structured, tailored piece, it brought a seriousness and formality to my demeanor.


Styling Notes

I built this look around my dress, although as a total look, the blazer quickly takes over, especially against the bright blue backdrop!  The dress has a beautiful detailed floral design with an overlay of stripes, and contrasting, yet complementary panel of fabric at the bottom.  Using the colours of the dress as my palatte, I styled and accessorised the total look.

With colour being the connector, I played a little with formality and justaposition of each piece:  The dress is a little girly and vintage, reminding me of a 1940s tea dress, yet the blazer is from the 1970s and more formal,sophisticated.  My shoes are preppy and bookish, and are in contrast with my bag which aligns more with a picnic in the park than studying at the library!

Colour is the perfect way to unite eclectic pieces that might otherwise not make a lot of sense as a total look

Because of the wide range of colours in the dress, I was able to load up on a few rings, mixing silver and gold, and bright and subdued gems.  I finished it all off with sunnies, which, upon reflection, get a bit lost with all of the colour and contrast! Perhaps next time I will wear strong frames or a bold hat to finish off the look?


My dress is from Dotti at Morrison Square, my blazer from Eclectic and my shoes are by Elk from Shine.  All of my jewellery is second-hand, with the exception of the white and gold wrap-ring, worn on my thumb.  It was a Trade Aid find, one which I love and wear often.  My bag was also a second-hand find, although I can’t recall where from!  (I have more than one such bag).  My soft pink sunnies are by Oroton, a classic shape and style that I bought some years ago from Matthews Eyewear.

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