Leone’s style is poles apart from my own, but I absolutely love it.  Envy it, even, as a representation of the punk-rock rebel girl who sometimes rears her head as an alter-ego!  As always, I wanted to find out more, to dig more deeply into what shapes such a style…

“My style, that I now proudly call my own, has morphed so much throughout my life when I look back.  Music and certain musicians have played a role in what influences my style for sure. At age five, Michael Jackson was one of the first, in his amazing outfits!  Then there was Gwen Stefani in No Doubts first music videos ‘Don’t Speak’ and ‘Just a Girl’ when I was about eight. Their sense of style, charisma and freedom to express themselves through how they dressed blew me away! I also found the punk era was a great time for fashion that I found both shocking and inspiring – safety pinned clothing, fishnets, leather, tartan, leopard print to name but a few.  And I love old things, I think because they have a history and a life before they come to you.  For example this tooled handbag,  which cost me a mighty ten-bucks from the Nelson market, is one of my favourites. I suppose these days it’s all a mishmash of where I have been and what feels good, paying homage to my life and times thus far.

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