There are lots of things to love about Maria’s style.  One of the ones I admire most is her fearlessness.  She inspires me always to trust my gut and not be afraid of drama.  In her style-story this week she shares some wisdom on how she dresses this way, without fuss, on a day-to-day basis.  It’s great advice…

“This gown is actually a vintage lounge-wear robe, a boudoir gown.  I am not sure what the fabric is but it’s very high quality and from the 1940s.  It’s from a time when women of means would dress elegantly around the house.  I love it because it’s something you can wear and it makes you look and feel instantly glamorous, but essentially it’s fuss free.  It’s my go-to for an evenning out, when I don’t necessarilly feel like getting dressed up.  I will wear it like I am today, over plain black separates, which also form part of my core wardrobe.  Yes, I suppose it’s an approach that I apply a lot.  You have a simple, easy base but then you add something exciting or interesting like this, and some statement jewelry or whatever, and you’re set”.

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