Man Pants (and other eccentricities)

My Style

My style has always been influenced by menswear.  I do love mannish looks, and the ease and swagger that menswear brings to my style. It’s a look that works well with my boyish body shape – I have wide shoulders, narrow hips and no waist or boobs to speak of.  I  also suspect that, at least in part, it’s a style that’s emerged from a childhood spent as a tomboy, side-stepping anything girly and feminine.  And for all of you arm-chair psychologists, I also think that masculine style brings power and strength to how I feel in the world, and it creates a bit of distance between me and the pressure to conform to the feminine ideal…


Styling Notes

It’s true, these trousers are actually men’s trousers, real-deal polyester slacks from the 1970s.  Groovy retro perfection!  And they are the hero of my look, all attitude and no apology.

Using the tartan pattern as the colour palatte, I’ve repeated the two tones of brown in accessories, my watches (yes, I’m wearing two, black and brown), glasses and leather belt.  The boots are black pony-skin ankle boots with a cowboyishness that works fantastically with the slight flare of the trousers.  Again, there’s a bit of masculine swagger in the boots, making them the perfect complement.

While my look is masculine, there are always feminine touches.  Balance is key…

The scarf is an addition that breaks the colour-palatte up a little. Although repeating all of colours of my outfit, it also introduces off-white, deep olive green and highlights of orange.  This contributes a little sass to the outfit, and helps to lighten the look up a bit, so to tie in the rattan of the hat and add the smallest hint of feminity.

My fabulous trousers are men’s pants bought from Eclectic in Nelson, and both my boots and bag are from Trouble & Fox.  My hat was bought from Nelson designer Cheryl Mackie, and my top is a Shine one, by Julian Danger.  My glasses are by Karen Walker and were bought from Palm in Nelson.  All other pieces are charity shop finds, including my fabulous wooden faced watch and rayon scarf.

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