Being environmentally and ethically conscious is not just about buying second hand.  It’s also about buying right when you buy new.  Dusa has a great attitude to buying new, taking a long-term approach to what she spends her money on…

“Yes, a lot of my wardrobe is second-hand, that is true.  In the past it wasn’t really about the environment and sustainability, it was more about getting interesting things.  These days I am so much more conscious of where my clothes come from.  Both my top and my leggings are from Kowtow.  Kowtow is a NZ designed, ethically and sustainably produced brand.  The quality is amazing, and their designs are timeless.  When I buy new, I try to go for designs that are about longevity and will work well for my lifestyle and figure.  Funny, but I just realised now that I’ve had these shoes for 20 or more years!  They were trendy then, and they’ve come back in again!  Yes, this is an off-duty look for me, for when I want to look nice but also be casual and super comfortable”.

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