I’ve always known that you can buy clothes, but you can’t buy style.  It’s your individual style-sense that leads you to buying the right things, and then your creativity and taste in putting them together, that gives you style. So how do you go about buying right?  I asked Annabelle what she thought….

“Do you know I think that one of the most important things is to find clothes that work with your body shape and your lifestyle.  It’s sort of fundemental really and probably nothing new, but I think a lot of people get taken in by what’s in fashion, and don’t stop to think if it actually suits them or not.  This dress is new and works well for me and my shape.  I need things that define my waist but are more loose and flowing over my hips.  It actually works well for my lifestyle too, the linen look.  It’s something I can wear to work but also when I’m off-duty. My jacket is an oldie and it was bought second-hand.  It’s kind of timeless. One of the things I love about it is what no-one else sees.  The lining and binding on the inside is this pretty fabric.  It’s so sweet.”

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