‘Do something a little different than your normal’ is a great style mantra.  Challenging yourself can help you to stay fresh and avoid falling into a fashion rut.  This week Judy challenged the impulse to where her ‘normal’ black boots…

“As you know, I’m not really a girly girl, but I do like dresses, like this one.  No it’s not navy, it’s black but I think the white underlayer lightens it up a bit.  It is a simple dress when you glance at it, but when you look more closely it has all those details I love so much.  Subversive? Yes I suppose so.  Frayed hems, interesting pocket details and that white lining, it’s so cool.  I did have to resist the temptation to wear it with heavy black boots though!  That was my first choice, actually.  Yes I am quite matchy-matchy today which is almost out of character.  But I think if you always do the same thing, it can get a bit boring.  The boots and my bag are from Tokyo, and my dress is from Et Vous”.

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