‘Forever clothes’ and ‘fast-fashion alternatives’, are words I’m using more and more these days, as I become more focused on sustainable, ethical style.  It’s a work in progress for me, but something Tania has been doing well for many years, at least as long as I have known her…

“Sometimes the things you’ve had forever are still favourites.  My pants and top I’ve had for years.  They have just lasted really well and are the sorts of things you can use as a kind-of backdrop for other stuff.  I’ve worn them a lot this summer mixed with more recent acquisitions.  My shoes were from Andrea Biani, some seasons past now.  I don’t often wear heels, but enjoy them when I do.  these have a solid heel and ankle strap so they’re easy to wear.  I love the colour – I fell in love with them!  They’re great for summer.  Everything else I am wearing I was drawn to for their colour.  The earrings are vintage, a recent purchase actually, from Eclectic.  The scarf, bag and bangle are second hand treasures.  Fun finds that didn’t cost much.  A ‘fast fashion’ alternative!”



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