Gran’s shoes (and Gramp’s pants)

My Style

Men’s trousers (again) and shoes that look like they belong to someone who likes bowls, knitting, cardigans and cups of tea?  Yes, I readily admit my style has an eccentric side.  But it all makes perfect sense to me.  It makes sense, and it feels right.

Styling Notes

Sometimes the creation of a look will be purely organic, simply the result of wanting to wear one thing and then building a look around it.  In this case, a pair of old-fashioned shoes I promised to wear for a My Style post was the ‘seed’.  And the result was a little eccentric:  A pair of men’s trousers, a vintage headscarf, some home-made earrings, my old favourite handbag and a brand new top that I love.  It doesn’t matter that the shoes are no longer the hero…

Start with a single item you really love.  It doesn’t matter if it ends up being a ‘minor’ feature of your overall look! Just let it lead where it will and don’t overthink the end result…

Being a warm, buttery cream colour, I felt the shoes needed similarly rich tones.  In my satin neck scarf I found a beautiful colour palette of those colours, and from there the rest of the outfit emerged.  The rich, golden hues of the paisley print repeated in the pants and top,  and accents of black in my cami, earrings and handbag, all connected through.

I love my new top!  It’s a keeper, by Pol from Shine.  My men’s trousers, shoes and headscarf were all op-shop treasures.  And my earrings too, although they are an up-cycling project of Harriet (my daughter) and I, made from re-cycled beads and broken jewellery sourced from various charity shops!  My handbag is from Trouble & Fox, and my glasses are by Karen Walker from Palm.

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