Is it possible that our style can be a tool for creating more good in the world?  If certain clothes incline us towards doing more of what we love with those whom we love, then maybe, yes.  Catherine’s skirt helped her to go dancing with her daughters, and this is good…

“This is my dancing skirt!  No, it’s not new.  I have had it for some time, but never quite knew how to wear it.  Actually I was a bit scared of it.  But then I put it on to go dancing with my girls and now it makes me want to twirl whenever I wear it, it makes me smile.  My style used to be all about vintage inspired looks, especially that 1950’s aesthetic.  Although I have moved on a bit from that, it’s a style that still appeals to me a lot.  And it did inspire this look.  The white skeakers and neck-scarf have that rock-and-roll edge, and the cats-eye shape of my glasses was so fashionable in the 1950s”

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