Clothes to hide in

My Style

How I feel and what I wear are closely related. I don’t think I am alone in this.  There are days when we feel stronger, more confident and attractive.  On these days we are more brave and daring.  And then there are days when we feel more vulnerable, ugly, fat or old, or more of whatever our particular insecurity might be.  On these days we may hide, play it safe stylistically speaking, and seek to be more physically comfortable.  This week’s outfit was chosen for a day when I didn’t feel like being seen (much less want to be photographed!)  It’s an uncomplicated, loose-fitting outfit with ‘distracting’ features to draw attention away from me.

Styling Notes

My ‘hiding’ clothes are long and baggy.  But not inelegant!  I chose this cute denim dress to help me feel secure without being dowdy.  While the shape and fabric were safe choices, the coloured straps and cute yellow buttons set a happy, encouraging tone.  They chat away quietly with colours of my bag.

And the bag is definitely the hero of the outfit, a hand crocheted bag made from up-cycled t-shirts!  It was made by New Plymouth based creative and ceramics artist Marita Green, who also made its ceramic button closure.  It’s a wardrobe favourite, something that appeals to me on many levels: It’s big and practical, cute, environmentally sustainable and ‘interesting’.  Most of all it’s great because Marita is my big sister!  That makes it even more interesting.

Being interesting is important to my style.  It’s a concept best defined by what it’s not. I don’t want to make predictable, sensible style choices all of the time.  I want to choose things that are a little bit different or unexpected…

‘Interesting’ is also the defining factor in my choice of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses – while I might have gone for more sensible, mainstream sunnies, there’s something crazy about these frames that make them the perfect foil for a day when I don’t want to be noticed.

I might well be a walking advertisement for Shine in this outfit, as my shoes, dress and long-line cardigan were all purchases from there!  My bag and earrings are both by creative and ceramics artist Marita Green (on Instagram and Facebook as @maritagreen).  My sunglasses are indeed Christian Dior vintage frames bought from a second-hand store many years ago.  I love them even though they are kind-of-bad 1970’s craziness!


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