At the moment I’m obsessed with what I describe as “intuitive style” and studying women who seem to have a lot of it.  I am curious to learn more about how it is that they ‘know’ when something is right for them.  I asked Leone how she knows what’s right for her when she shops…

“Knowing what to buy for me is very much a feeling I get from a garment, most of the time. What I’m drawn to are the unique pieces, often the retro and vintage pieces. Certain fabrics stand out to me and I will scan a rack in a matter of seconds to see if there’s potential there.  I often know when I walk into a place if it’s got the goods.  I suppose its a feeling, as obscene as that may sound.  What I once defined as ‘my style’ in my youth is very different now. I often pick up items and think ‘sixteen-year-old Leone would have worn the ship out of this!’  Sometimes I will still buy those things!  But nowadays I am more aware of what suits me colour and shape wise.  Even though I still respond to a feeling about something, I make it a rule to try everything on”.

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