I can’t believe it took me so long to discover Nicki’s style!  I approached her on intuition, having met her once and gaining an impression of her sense of style.  My intuition proved right and I have since discovered that she is someone whose style is intuitive and uncontrived.  It is as if she doesn’t give it too much thought.  I asked her about this, and this is what she shared…

“I tend to just go with what feels right for the tone of the day, my mood and to some degree how I want to be perceived.  Sometimes I feel like I want to be taken more seriously and I tone down the accessories and lean to the classics, but at other times I want to be creative and playful and have a bit of fun with a few mixed message details.  But however I dress, it’s important to me to feel like I’m wearing my clothes and not the other way around. My influences?  Well, I’m going to say ‘vintage cocktail’. I love a dress and a bit of drama, all served up with the possibility of fun and a nod to more glamourous days-gone-by.  I wear dresses most days, although not cocktail dresses!  That said I’m not averse to dragging a bit of evening into day.  Life’s too short to sit on all those pretty things waiting for enough special nights!”


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