Julie had just had her hair and make-up done for the Shine “Hailwood at Home” fashion show fundraiser for Hospice.  We had a chuckle about how odd it felt to be all “done”.  Although it always feels great to look glamorous, there’s a part of it that makes you feel ‘not you’.  This sparked a conversation about hair and beauty…

“I have naturally very dark hair, and no greys.  But unfortunately my hair is very fine.  So when I go blonde, my hair is thicker and more manageable.  And I do like being blonde as I  feel it suits my natural colouring.  No, I normally don’t wear a lot of make up, just enough to make me feel confident.  A swish of ‘bb cream’ and some mascara is usually what that means.  I do take good care of my skin though, and have been using a specific brand for a couple of years, with really good results. When I go out, I do apply a bit more make-up, but still not a lot. Actually this is one of the things – there are others, that I like about being part of these charity fundraiser events.  Getting my make-up done by a professional to suit the look has been enlightening!”

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