Nerds who tell stories

My Style

My inner nerd is strong.  But she’s a bit shy about it.  Being a nerd is not cool, even though we’ll occasionally accept that pretty girls in glasses look cute, and a sexy woman dressed uber-conservatively can be a turn on (apparently).  But I am neither of those things.  Real nerds are never sexy, not usually very cool and always a little on the outside.

Now I am sure that psychologists would have a feild day with all of this – Why am I hiding and who am I hiding from?  Why do I have an aversion to cool?  And why does being on the outside make me feel safe? – Who knows!? My only explanation is that my love of nerdy styles is simply an unconscious response to images of looks that appeal to me.  My mood-board is full of them.  Girls in pinafores, buttoned-up blouses, flat shoes and glasses.  It’s a look that has inspired many outfits, including this week’s one.

Styling Notes

However you choose to dress, creating a ‘look’ is a helpful way to bring ideas together.  It’s a method that differs from styling an outfit: When you style an outfit, you begin with a central item that you want to wear (or use, when styling for others) and add to it to create a total outfit.  But when you create a ‘look’, you begin with a concept, a theme, a feeling, an inspiration.  Your starting point is an idea, rather than an item.  What is your story?  What do you want to say?  What inspires you and speaks to your heart?

Creating a look, as opposed to styling an outfit, is a kind of story-telling opportunity

When I styled this week’s outfit, I wanted to show my nerdy side and all of its glory.  I wanted to celebrate this side of me and amplify it for maximum effect. I created a look that attempted to tell you a story.

A buttoned-to-the-neck collared shirt and glasses frames were my go-tos.  I referenced school-girl chic with black lace-ups, white ankle socks and a leather back-pack.  My dungaree dress covered me from head to toe, a nod to utilitarianism and perhaps even religious conservatism?  My grandpa cardi ensured no part of my figure would be noticed, and is an acknowledgement of the librarian who resides in me.

My dress and shoes are favourite wardrobe pieces I would happily wear every day, both from Shine.  My leather backpack is a wonderful piece I discovered in Eclectic, and my glasses are Age Eyewear frames from Matthews Eyewear.  I picked up my grandpa cardi from a wee fashion boutique in my hometown of Taupo.  My shirt was an op-shop find.

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