For a long time I have known about Frith’s thoroughly extraordinary vintage style, following her on Instagram and hoping to photograph her for the blog.  Because she is not Nelson-based, this has been a challenge.  So I was very thankful to bump into her when she was in town recently, and even more grateful that she allowed me to capture her style…

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a purest, no, but I do dress mostly in clothing from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  But I haven’t always been so committed to it.  While I have been buying vintage for over thirty years, I have only really worn all vintage for the last decade or so.   Why vintage? I love to know that my clothes carry a story. That they’ve lived other lives and carry the DNA of previous owners. Clothes back then were valued and cared for more far more than now. So the clothes are often well preserved because of this, and a lot of my clothes that are 70-80 years old are still in fantastic condition! I’m not sure if we’ll say the same about modern clothing in the future.  No, I don’t really buy new things, very rarely.  But I do have new things made for me, mostly from vintage fabric, made to authentic patterns from back then, by local dressmakers.  Being sustainable is important to me, and beautifully made things of the highest quality.

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