It was Nicky’s asymetric earring combination that first caught my eye, but I quickly came to discover that this was the tip of the fashion iceberg!  Here she shares her style story, and introduces to us the origins of her love for fashion…

“I love clothes, and I have always loved fashion.  I was the youngest of four girls, and my mother would always comment on how I was a bit different than my older sisters!  I never really liked to dress like everyone else did.  I remember when mini dresses were ‘in’ but there I was with this midi-length skirt that was very forward for back then, especially at Tapawera Area school, which is where I went for my later high-school years!  In those days everyone really did dress very much the same, and trends could be so strong.  I remember platform shoes, and flared slacks and big hair.  But like I say, I’ve always tried to be a bit different than everyone else.  I love colour, and detail, especially in handbags, scarves, jewellery and even nail-polish.  Yes, I do have lots of glasses frames too!”

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