Minimalist style can be misinterpreted as simple, and it often goes unnoticed.  But that it flies below the radar does not mean it is lacking in style, effort or thought by the wearer.  A minimal take on style is often a very measured and disciplined approach to what each item is and how it relates to the total look……

“My style for work is contemporary and minimal as I work in a corporate environment, but I don’t think of it as simple. I usually wear only one statement piece of jewellery with an outfit, and most of my jewellery has a special and personal meaning to me. This greenstone was gifted to me for Mother’s Day last year from my step kids. It is my most precious piece of jewellery and I adore it.  It is the perfect contrast for my top, being a colour opposite. It hangs just so in the ‘v’ of the neckline.  And then the top goes with my hair colour, which although almost black, it has those reddish under-tones.  Black pants and boots of course are the natural choice for me. I like the cropped length of the pants, which work well with the boots and my petite form.  I’m quite short, so I need shapes that  don’t overwhelm me.   For me, the outfit doesn’t need more.  It’s right just as it is, and so yes, while it’s understated, everything belongs.  Does that make me a minimalist?”

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