It has been some time since Daniella and I got together for a real style shoot.  One of the things I have missed is her incredible ability to find and style complete looks made up from opshop finds.  I have also missed her careful and highly considered approach to putting things together, a simple and gentle approach that she talks a little of here…

“A part of me struggles to talk about the clothes I wear, as I am wanting to understand beauty in a way that goes deeper than what is on the surface.  But if I was to explain why I enjoy opshopping, it’s because for me it’s like a treasure hunt. I love the unknowness and anticipation of what I could find. It’s my quiet time to explore and search for things that intrigue me.  I ponder what I would feel wearing this item I find, almost like there’s a story or emotion attached to the look I wear.  This outfit shows simplicity for me and a gentle approach.  I admire so much people’s creativity in how they dress but most of all I want to understand who someone is. That is how I would love to be seen, that someone would not just see what I wear but be intrigued by who I am, my story”

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