Few I know have the self confidence to wear what Maria does.  And it is true, not everyone should or indeed can! But what I am reminded about everytime we get together is that Maria is not afraid to be herself.  It does take courage, but when we do it we are encouraging others to do the same…

“It is an incredible outfit, for sure, made from a lightweigh neoprene kind-of fabric.  It’s from the 80s.  I do find myself drawn to the 80s a lot, perhaps it is the boldness of that era?  This outfit does have a story.  I found it in shop that I originally discovered in the States when we were on honeymoon, back in the 80s.  We were staying at a hotel not far away from this crazy market where you can buy all sorts of outrageous things.  But it’s no ordinary market.  Highly dangerous place to go, no doubt full of dealers and shifty people.  You don’t feel safe there.  Anyway, there is this amazing second-hand shop and it sells a lot of really incredible second-hand pieces.  We have been back many times since.  And yes I do always find things for myself, like this one, bought on a recent shopping trip”.

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