Laura and I both agree that one of the keys to great style is “owning it”.  Which is to say, if you feel confident and comfortable with your look, you can pull just about anything off.  Exploring your comfort and cultivating confidence in clothes is a continuous thing, and its’ an idea Laura touches on in her style story…

“I saw the gorgeous Maria on your blog today and feel a little boring and mainstream following after her! Yeah, I do agree though, you just have to own it, whatever you decide to wear.  I have stopped following rules so much now that I am older, but I would love to do it more. I want to do more mixing of patterns and colour.  I love colour in all its forms.  You will often see me in bright colours, but I am equally fond of the earthy colours such as olive, and also my favourite, mustard. I am not sure how I feel about mustard being so ‘in’ this season. I have loved it for a while and so it is cool to have so much to choose from.  But then I feel a little possessive of it, like, it is everywhere and I am not sure I like the popularity of it”.

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