I was feeling like “the shizz”…

My Style

I was feeling good when these photos were taken.  It was a reminder to myself that when you align a great outfit with a great mood you create this internal powerhouse of potential.  That is to say, suddenly you can take on the world!  Even though you know you are and never will be a sex-goddess, A-list celebrity or model-like beauty, you have your own thing going on and, actually, it really is all that you need.  That’s the goal.  Feeling like you are and have everything you need…

Style Notes

I have two dresses like this one.  It is a style that works for my body shape, my personal style, and my practical needs.  It makes sense to me, and when I wear it I feel strong, feminine and a little bit pretty.

It’s also one of these pieces that can be ‘dressed up or down’, an idea that while somewhat cliched has great truth.  On this day I dressed it down, anchoring it with sneakers and caramel coloured leather, ‘non-blingy’ ethnic-like jewellery and a vintage blazer.  And here’s the cinch for this look…

Individually, each accessory item did not connect or complement with each other.  But through the colourways of the dress, everything was represented.

None of the pieces individually made sense with each other without the dress – a caramel-brown leather satchel bag, white lace-up canvas sneakers, a blue, white  burgandy striped 1940s vintage blazer, shark’s tooth earrings.  But together, united through the colours in the dress, they all connected and balanced with each other.  They made sense, although eclectic and stylistically unrelated.

My dress is a reversible one by Kilt, and my blazer is a wonderful treasure I found in Eclectic.  It really is an authentic blazer from the 1940s and I believe it was picked up in the States by Maria (from Eclectic) on a buying trip.  My shoes are Keds, glasses and silver pendant by Karen Walker from Palm and other jewellery were all op-shop or second-hand shop finds.

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