I caught up with Amy a few days before Nelson’s Fashion Revolution event.  We talked about individual style and being aware of the impact of shopping decisions.  We also talked about re-living unfulfilled teenage fashion-fantasies, such as owning a pair of Doc Marten boots…

“My style is really a mix of the more expensive and ‘cheap and cheerful’. But being more environmentally sustainable is something I do think about a lot more these days. For me, sustainability is about buying mindfully. Like this skirt, which was a cheapie from Zara. Everything else I am wearing is high quality and I plan to have for a long time, but the skirt is a fun piece that I know will probably date. I will wear it a lot for a few seasons, but I know it wouldn’t be a ‘keeper’.  Why spend $600 or more on something that won’t stand the test of time? My boots, which are Doc Martens, are keepers and I know they will last and be loved forever. Yes, I can see why you might say they aren’t entirely in keeping with my usual style. But they are still very me! As a teenager I really wanted them but could not afford them. But now is my time.”

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