Something happens when I regularly photograph the same woman over a period of time.  I learn what makes her smile and relax, and what brings a spark to her eye.  In Catherine’s case, this means chatting about finding beautiful fashionable things – clothes, designers, brands, looks – that make her feel happy. And dancing…


“Gregory is a label I have recently found, that really appeals to me.  It’s grown up, but still very modern and edgy from a design perspective.  I now have a few pieces from them.  This dress is by Gregory, and it’s become a favourite, although I can’t really wear it with flats or I look a bit ‘mumsy’.  It needs the heel to lift it.  No my heels are not new.  I have actually had them for some time, and they are by Doc Martens, although you wouldn’t call them “Docs”!  The dress is actually very dark blue… apparently!  But I think it looks black to me, and when I wear black I like to mix in non-black things.  It keeps it interesting.  Like the shoes, and the bag.  The bag’s an old favourite by Deadly Ponies”.

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