I firmly believe that great style can be found just about anywhere.  It may or may not be ‘designer’, it may or may not be on trend.  It might be a fast-fashion piece from a ‘high-street’ brand, or it might have come from an op-shop.  You might have chosen it for yourself and saved up for months to pay it off, or it might have been offered to you for free by a friend…

“I tend to buy what jumps out at me.  It can be ‘high street’, like this dress, but it’s got to be something special.  But I do try and find these high-street pieces at op-shops too.  I have my staples in my wardrobe, and they are the really high quality things as we spoke of before, like Kowtow cotton items and Standard Issue knitwear.  New Zealand designed brands that are high quality and more sustainable.  But then I will op-shop!  Like in Sydney, the Bondi market, or Paddington St Vinnies.  They have the high quality designer labels there, and I found a nice pair of vintage 501s recently.  My shoes were given to me by a friend.  Yes, I do have a weakness for second-hand handbags like this one”

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