I’ve always known it, that creatives – like artists, performers, designers, musicians – have a stronger sense of their individuality and dress more creatively.  They are less afraid to play and experiment with their look, and have a way of ‘making style’ rather than buying it.  And Judy is the perfect example, a jeweller with a well-tuned creativity that extends to her personal style…

“I have had this shirt for a while.  It used to be a very bright white, crisp, and it had simple, ordinary cuffs and a standard covered button line.  It wasn’t really doing much for me, so I decided to play with it.  Yes I dyed it, although it might not be so obvious in your photographs.  It now has a brownish tinge to it, taking it away from the bright white that it used to be.  I dyed it with coffee.  Yes, that’s right, coffee!  I actually tried tea first, but that didn’t do much!  I also cut along the edge of the cuffs, button-line and hem, and washed it so that it would fray.  It now has that slightly grungy, subversive, ‘anti pretty’ look that I like so much. It’s much more ‘me’.”

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