One of the things I love the most about the Real Style Project is that I meet women who have a vibrancy for living life well.  It seems that a determinant of great style is spark.  It’s that inner drive to be creative and express their best selves, no matter where they are at in life.  Anthea is one of these women…

“I see clothing as an extension of myself, a way to express my creativity. I love feeling good in what I’m wearing, and I’ve also learnt to love the feeling of having pushed my own style boundaries and getting out of my fashion comfort zone.  Being a mother has changed my clothing choices a LOT. Now it is important that my clothing is versatile and I’m able to move freely and comfortably with my kids. Heels every day have been replaced with flats and wedges. High maintenance fabrics are too hard. I need to be able to wash and wear (minimal ironing please!). I often end up running around in gym gear when I haven’t had time to change, but if I get a 2-3 days a week to spend time choosing my outfit and style for the day then I consider that a win!  I regularly look to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and ideas on how to wear something I have in an interesting way”.

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