She’s a careful spender, a clever shopper or strategic wardrobe builder… whichever way you like to look at, a woman with great style who also has budget limitations is thoughtful in how she spends her money.  It’s a case of planned investment and considered choices.

“I wanted to wear my tartan pants today, a nod to my Scottish ancestry.  No, they are not my clan tartan, but I still think of tartan as my heritage and these come out every winter.  I have had them for quite some time.  The jacket is a recent purchase but something that really works my style.  I like anything military, and so the features of this jacket really appealed even though I normally don’t wear black.  I do tend to buy for the long haul, and I will save up over many months to buy things that I think of as an investment.  This bag is an example.  It was a special purchase, a gift for myself I suppose, following the milestone of my son starting school.  It’s too small to hold nappies and all that!  It’s a grown-ups bag!  I intend to have it for many years, eventually to pass on to my daughter”.

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