It takes some courage to wear fur, even vintage fur, although most of us wear leather on a regular basis (and cruise the meat isle at the local supermarket without batting an eyelid).  Maria has never been afraid of her truth, which is to acknowledge a place for vintage fur, a topic she discusses in her style story….

“Vintage fur is something I love and always have done for myself and for the shop.  I know that it is a sensitive subject, but I maintain that when it comes to vintage fur, you are not buying into modern exploitation.  I certainly don’t support the trade of anything that represents modern unethical treatment of animals or illegal hunting of endangered species! But with items that are 60 or 70 years old or older, I feel that I am simply honouring a bygone era.  Hiding these things away doesn’t change anything!  This is vintage ocelot fur, and back in the day it was something for film stars and the very wealthy.  I bought the bag from an elderly local woman, some years ago now, and the coat came from a wealthy Auckland estate.  They are both beautiful pieces, and they are real treasures.”

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