I just love this woman’s style.  It’s inspiring, courageous and most of all, original.  What I love about originality is that it delivers newness and freshness. Originality is the stuff that sparks new trends and new ways of thinking about fashion, as well as pushing us to reconsider normal.  This is why I love Leone’s style so much.  She’s a fearless original…

“Lately, I have really been experimenting with myself and using fashion to do so. I know who I am and have always felt confident in expressing myself with fashion, but testing my comfort zone, well, that has been fun! Today I decided to channel my inner mermaid because, well, why not?! Winter gets a bit doom and gloom, so to combat that vibe why not add some sparkle to mine and other peoples’ days?  I was unsure of my boots at first, mostly the shape.  But I love the studs and how I feel when I wear them. The hat is part of a marine’s army uniform, and I am wearing it with everything right now!


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