Everyone has different motivations or drivers behind their style choices.  For Nicky, being an individual, a little different, is very strong.  It has shaped her style over many years and continues to shape it today.

“I love colour, but I do also love black.  I would dress more in black but the trouble with black is that so many women wear black and they don’t always wear it well.  Yes, it’s an interesting motivation I suppose.  I like to be different, or more to the point, an individual.  That is a big thing for me, always has been. Playing with colour has so much possibility, and more opportunity to be different from others!   My pants were from Stacey and my shoes from Whitwells in Motueka.  I bought my bag from Shine and my necklace was from Jellicoe.  I bought my top from Marshalls.  It has closed down now.  No I wouldn’t say it was a shop I went to often but I find things I love everywhere”

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