I have known Angela for many years now, the both of us involved in local fashion.  She has always had an independent style sense, one that is self-assured and confidently put together.  I caught up with her to find out more…

“I don’t really like to play too much by rules.  I like to mix things up and experiment with unexpected ideas.  I’ll always go with what feels right to me. Like, black isn’t really meant to be a colour for me, but does it really matter? I love this coat, the details especially, and it works wonderfully with my dress.  Yes, I like to challenge things, sometimes even throwing a hand-grenade to fashion convention. That’s the art of it, I think.   That said, I do think that there is a science aspect to dressing well too.  There are some clothing shapes and styles that just don’t suit certain body shapes, and you can’t get past that.  I do love Trelise Cooper, and yes this dress is hers.  I love her playfulness and rebellious use of fabrics, and even the way she names her garments with that same cheeky rebellion.  This dress is called ‘For Fox Sake”!  Just brilliant”

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