One thing I’ve noticed about Brooke is that while there’s something very effortless and comfortable about her chic look, there is a precision and attention to detail too.  I wondered, how much forethought goes into her outfits and how she does she go about dressing each morning?

“I didn’t really pre-plan this outfit or think about it too much.  Usually I dress based on how I’m feeling that day, and what I will be doing.  Today was about comfort.  This dress is so easy to wear, and it has that 1990s Kate Moss thing going on – the strappy slip dress, the snake-skin print.  The rest was styled from there.  My blazer was a second-hand find, and my shoes were bought locally from that pop-up store in Morrison Square.  Gold and silver layers of fine necklaces, well they just worked with the colours.  No, I don’t think you need to compromise style for comfort.  I like to feel good about how I look, even when I’m aiming to be comfortable”

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