Anete Smith, Richmond Hospice

This month’s real style interview is with Anete Smith, Nelson Tasman Hospice Manager.

Anete and I met through my workshop ‘Second Hand Style – How to Develop the Fashion Eye’ run earlier this year.  As part of the workshop learning, a practical ‘hands on’ shopping experience was arranged at Anete’s Richmond Hospice store.  Anete and I quickly discovered a mutual love of treasure hunting, and passion for more sustainable and empowering-to-women values around fashion and style…

How did you become involved in the Hospice charity?

After a long career as a visual merchandiser for large corporate businesses I wanted to use my skills instead for a good cause. Hospice is close to my heart and I began managing shops for them in Auckland’s North Shore before moving to the Nelson area to manage the Richmond shop.  

What do you love most about it?

Everything!  Creating an enticing shopping environment, making lots of money for Hospice, and the variety of stock we get in – no day is the same.

Who or what inspires your personal style?

As I get older I love simple shapes and natural fabrics  – but when my wilder side comes out I look to Frida Kahlo for inspiration. Colour, Art and Love.

Piece of style advice or wisdom you would want  your younger self to have known?

Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let others impact your style. You look great!

What do you do to be more sustainable fashionably speaking?

I only buy second-hand now. I love the choice and find high street shops far less interesting and varied.

What can you tell us about your store and the proceeds from sales?

Richmond shop sells over 4000 items each month. We process much more than that though with about a 70:30 split of donations being sellable to non-sellable.  We can only sell good quality, clean and working items.  The money raised through the four shops is an integral part of raising the 45% shortfall in funding for Hospice.  We get only 55% of our funding from the local DHB, which means that the fundraising is critical to enabling Hospice to continue to provide services for  free.


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