As I grow older, and my wardrobe evolves, I’ve learned to measure value in how much I truly love something, not its label, dollar value or history.  Just the heart of it, and how it makes me feel.  Stealing the words of Japanese lifestyle celebrity Marie Kondo, to keep only that which ‘sparks joy’ is my aim.  A similar theme emerges from Leone’s style story this week…

“I was really feeling my 80’s kid self today.  The stonewash jacket is one of half a dozen I have bought and traded over the years.  To me it’s such a quintessential piece of that decade. I know people who just can’t deal with it, but it’s true love for me!  My jeans are by ‘Junkfood’ which are a label that do my favourite high waist cut. The denim waistcoat has been a long standing member of my wardrobe and became a staple this year, paired with a striped long sleeve. My bat necklace? I paid just a $1 for it at the Nelson market. I got my shoes from Creswell’s in Blenheim and I absolutely adore them. I aim to love everything I own as much as those shoes. They were worth every penny”.

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