I am quite sure that one of the common denominators of great style is knowing your likes and dislikes independent of fashion.  So it was great to have this idea affirmed in Laura’s answer to my question, “what is your ‘style why’?”

“My style “why” is just being myself and wearing whatever I like in that moment! I don’t read fashion magazines really or look at what’s trending. I like to feel like I’m presenting a part of my personality through my clothes, and I don’t question who I am… I do like colour. Red was a big thing for a while and now I gravitate more toward blues and greens. I love a little touch of vintage with each outfit but the era of choice always changes.  My jacket is a vegan leather jacket from Guess, and my jeans are a high-waisted Korean brand that I love. The earrings are by Ms. Marnie and they’re called “Mostly Peace and love with a little bit of Go F Yourself”! Yes, the 80s sparkly shirt is an op-shop find along with the shoes”.

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