How strong is your individual ‘look’?  Do you have just one or many looks that make up your sense of style? Is it a constant or is it a work in progress?  There is no right or wrong answer here in terms of what will grant you style, it’s personal and it could be anything.  Judy and I talked a little about her look, and her strong, defined style that grants her a  sense of ‘rightness’ for each outfit.  I captured some of our conversation in this week’s style story…

“I don’t know if I really plan it as such, but when I got this dress out I knew what kind of a look I wanted to create.  The earrings, they couldn’t be delicate.  Fine earrings would have just disappeared.  They needed to be structured, block earrings.  They needed to go with the dress, which is a stiff, Japanese coated cotton that’s a bit ‘crunchy’.  Because it is a solid colour and quite architectural I thought the look needed a similar kind of an earring for balance.  So I made a pair out of sterling silver and oxidized them black.  The dress and shoes are from ESS Lab in Melbourne, a favourite shop of mine”.

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