You might miss the details of Nicky’s style, distracted by her purple hair and colourful style.  While these bold things are the more noticeable ones, I also love the way she pays attention to the with little things.  Like mismatched (asymetric) earrings, layers of silver and gold jewellery and fabulous frames…

“I try not to come into town too much at this time of the year.  All of the sales are just too much! I almost always buy things on special.  My onesie, shoes, bag and bangles were all bought on special.  The jacket was given to me, but I dyed it.  It was off-white and didn’t really excite me so I dyed it orange.  I will often do this, changing things that I have so that they are more interesting…  Yes I do think that my taste in clothes is more expensive than my budget allows.  So I will almost always buy things at sale time. High quality is important and I know what I like, but I just can’t afford it at full price.  My onesie is from Beacon Hill in Hope and my shoes were from Whitwells of Motueka”.

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