I photographed Supriya not long before Level 4 lockdown!  At the time, we didn’t know what lay ahead. But we shared a lovely sunny moment talking about the differences between chasing trends and following ones own style compass…

“I have been involved in the fashion industry for some time, before coming to Nelson and my current role with Jens Hansen jewellers. When I was younger I was much more tuned in to fashion – whatever was trending and all of that. But I think I became tired of that. I mean, it’s never ending.  And after awhile it is well, just not that satisfying.  I now find and wear things I love, that are made with quality materials and will last – quirky things like this bag. At the time it was quite expensive but I am so glad I bought it. I’ve had it and loved it for 8 years. It’s by ‘Lost Not Lonely’. These days I tend to have a kind of uniform – similar things that I have in multiples, like long sleeved silk shirts, A-line skirts, shift dresses and cigarette leg trousers. They work for me, my style, my lifestyle and they make me feel good. My skirt is from Zara, and my shoes are by Veja”

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