Silk Purse Oily Rag is a fashion blog based on a collaboration of stylists, writers, designers, photographers and artists, dedicated to bringing ideas and inspiration about  individuality and resourcefulness in style – real style for real women

Silk Purse, Oily Rag was initiated by stylist and writer Sonya Leusink Sladen.

Sonya currently writes for Nelson-based Fairfax owned Admire magazine, previously Fashion Editor of the magazine from 2014 to 2016.  Sonya held the Fashion Editor for Wild Tomato Magazine (2012-2014).  Her CV includes fashion columnist for The Nelson Mail (2006-20011), and radio-show fashion commentator for  More FM (2010/2011) and Fresh FM (2005 – 2007) .

Recently, Sonya took top honours in the “Open – Recycling” category of the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards, with her daywear ensemble made and accessorised with curtain fabrics, hooks and rings.